Monday, March 16, 2009

WE can finally say that it is over!

No dont get me wrong, I belive in Child Support...for the NEED of the Children... NOT for the NEED of Your selfish behavior. But when you are abusing it YOU DO NOT DESERVE NOTHING!!!! Here is our story.. Husband has 3 sons.. 20, 19 and one 17 that will be 18 in June. We have been paying child support for all 3 (the same amount).. each time one would come of age, the amount did not go down.. because the divorce decree did not stipulate an amount for each child.. Fair enough.. What's done is done.. its all good... BUT when the children, (MOST GROWN) are NOT receiving a penny of it for clothes or food or anything.. NOT even shelter cause she let her house go to forclosure...Not for a vehicle, cause she got that repoed...But for her partying and drinking. Why does she need it??? hmmm... Ok.. still have to pay it.. OH well.. right.. a court order is a court order... SOOOO we get a call one day! GUESS what!!!! the 17 year old has moved out of the house 3 months ago!!! Mom does not tell DHS.. DOES not tell ex/father.. BUT DOES TELL CHILDREN... DONT TELL YOUR DAD, CAUSE THEN I WONT GET MY CHILD SUPPORT MONEY!!! Then there is something F**ked up about that! DHS was immediatly called... Mother was contacted MANY... MANY times by DHS and would not take their calls.. will not take EX's calles. Treats children horrible cause "they" supposedly ratted her out! (which they did not) We have many sources! 17 yr old supplied a written statement to DHS about his living arrangements... and all of his story... Well... NEEDLESS to say! ITS OVER! AS OF LAST WEEK!!! We have a court order to STOP payment! NOW SHE WILL NOT BE DRINKING ON US ANYMORE!!! Go get a freaken job! or continue to let the man of the month support you! Because we are not OBLIGATED TO ANYMORE!!!! KARMA IS THE BEST THING IN LIFE! YOU LIVE A GOOD LIFE.. YOU ARE TREATED GOOD! I am a big believer in Karma....

NOW we will be living a GREAT life! not that we were not... cause belive me we DO HAVE the BEST life! but now.. we can and will live life to the fullest.. cause we are not supporting a DRUNK!!!! LIFE is good... Life is damn good... HOW can it not be!!! We are done with her! WE have a GrandBABY.. (lil boy) on the way... and we are looking to move with in the next year! We have a 3 Happy kids at home.. Who want for NOTHING.. and a stable and loving marriage! :D

Thursday, January 29, 2009

We got snow! and some other news!

Well we finally got some snow! about 2 inches.. We has so much fun sledding down the hills.. :D Making snow angels and just having fun! Here are some pics that we took.

I also have a wonderful lil wildlife friend.. AINT HE CUTE????

OH yeah! Didnt I say I have other news??? LOL.. GUESS what! :D
I am gonna be a GRANDMA!!
YEP.. Our Tabby is gona have a baby! lol.
We are looking at Sept 17th for a due date! Funny at that.. MY birthday is Sept 16th!!!
Here is a Pic of the Happy Couple!
Tab and Nate

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Todays Ramblings..

Well here we are almost the end of January.. and we still have not had any snow! Whats up with that! They have been calling for it for here and there.. I get all excited.. and... NOTHING! :( hahaha.. oh well.. THATs ok.. :D

I also sit her laughing to myself.. WHY? In time I will tell all! and then YOU all can get the great laugh with me! :D Have you ever heard of or believed in KARMA??? Well I SURE DO! I have always been a great beleiver of Karma!

Mike and I always had said.. THIS year was going to be the BEST year yet! WELL.. SO far... it is starting to turn out that way! THIS IS OUR YEAR!

I will return in a day or two and give you all the LOW Down! :D Untill then, its off to do something productive hahaha.. Yeah.. Things don't clean itself.. True.. we may wish it does.. but it does not.. and I have to get things done! so for now! TA TA!!

Friday, January 9, 2009


Thank God ITS Friday! Boy did this week just drag on.. and on! The kids all went back to school this week.. and I thought I might be able to get some things done around the house! NO!! I DID nothing! hahaha.. Nothing.. well.. I did get quite a bit done today! Yeah, I waited till Friday to get all the things done that I had planned for all week! So... NOW I am BEAT! Here it is Friday night, I dont' feel like doing anything! BLACH! hahaha.. I did add a little gadget at the bottom of my page.. It has all the recent Signatures that I have made for myself.. I did not include the ones that I have made for others! hahaha.. Yeah.. IT's all about me! lol.. Well time to get the kids ready to settle down for the night!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Got an Award!!!!

I Got an award! Cool! :D
I got this award from my most wonderful friend Gwen @ GwensCreations!! (thank you sweetie) You can visit her blog here.. Check her out.. She has some great new things going on over there!
I am gona pass it on to...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Changing my layout!

Since I love to make siggys and layouts.. this thing is probably going to change quite often, I get board with the same thing all the time! Plus I finally figured out the sizes for them and all that good stuff! So I hope that you like the things that I come up with! :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Getting started!

Ok.. I think I might have this down.. I think.. I made myself a header and a background.. Not bad for my first time doing this! But.. had to get Erin to help me put in the html code.. haha.. Momma aint that smart! Things like that! Ask a 17 year old who is addicted to Myspace! hahaa.. Well any way... I got it up and running.. Now lets see if I can remeber to come and right something in it! hahaha..
Now that I got it up.. Let's add some photos of the kiddos! 1. To try it see if I can do it! and 2. So you can see my world!

First I will start with the 2 youngest! Our 5 year old Rhianna and 7 year old Declan
This is Erin, she is our 17 yr old!

And our 20 yr old Tabitha!
And this is My Best Friend and the Love of my life... Mike! (this is an older pic)

Ok.. Now that was not so hard.. OK.. So.. Maybe this will be easier then I thought! Bye